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Judaism: The Essential Spiritual Practices

Judaism: The Essential Spiritual Practice, Ethics & Ritual, begins Thursday, Feb 1,

5-6 PM at the Havurah

Rabbi David and guest teachers, including Rabbi Sue, Morah Cyrise, Devorah Zaslow, Emanuel Ben-David and others, will each take on a topic to introduce you to the essential ritual and ethical spiritual practices. Each week one topic will be covered including Shabbat,

storytelling, prayer, the Beauty of Hebrew, Zionism and Israel, Mussar,  etc. $18 for Havurah & TES members, $50 – $90 sliding scale for non-members. The class is also available live streaming – link will be shared upon registration.

Pre-Registration is requested by calling our office at 541-488-7716.

First in Series: What is Judaism, Feb. 1 5-6 PM
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Feb 1 – Rabbi David will open up our series with a survey of all the aspects of Judaism, from ritual to ethics. He’l look at Judaism as a religion, spiritual path, and as a civilization.

Feb 8 -Rabbi David on Jewish Mysticism and Understanding G-d

Feb 15 & 22 – Israel and Zionism with Emanuel Ben-David. Love can not be explained, but the story can be told…In the two sessions about Zionism and Israel, Emannuel will review the history of Zionism from its political inception by Herzl, and the progression of events that lead to the establishment of the State of Israel and the major events in the life of Israel. He will weave into the story his own family and personal experience. As time will allow, a portion of Q&A will follow.

March 1 – Morah Cyrise Beatty Schachter on Mikvah. Come and learn about one of Judaism’s most powerful ritual practices.
The immersion of the physical body in the living water of a Mikvah has the potential to shift the state of the participant’s soul. Come and learn a bit about the history and practice of this ancient tradition and get some helpful hints on how to incorporate this transformative ritual into your life.

March 8 – Rabbi Sue Morningstar on Shabbat – Shabbat has been described as a sanctuary in time, a foretaste of paradise. What are the core traditions, practices, prayers, songs and foods of Shabbat, and what are their deeper meanings? Come and learn how to bring the gift of Shabbat into your life in a beautiful way.

March 15 – The Beauty of Hebrew with Emanuel Ben-David. Hebrew is one of the most ancient – yet very modern – languages in this world. It is based on a simple concept: words stem out of a root; words sharing the same root have similar, or associated meanings. We’ll use examples to show this. Even though Hebrew letters will be used, no prior knowledge of Hebrew is required. Hopefully, it will be a fun hour to spend with an exciting language.

March 22 – Mussar with Emanuel Ben-David. During this intense one hour discussion, Emanuel will explain the background, histry and fundamental principle of the Mussar movement. In essence, Mussar study and practice aim to make us better persons to our surroundings, or in other words, how to become “a mentch”. This is only a teaser, that hopefully will encourage you to take Mussar seriously, study and practice it, for your own better feeling and in making a dent in Tikkun Olam (fixing the world).

March 29 – Rabbi David on Passover Rituals & Counting of the Omer

April 5 – Rabbi Sue on Torah. Torah, She is a Tree of Life. Come explore our sacred wisdom text, passed down from Moses at Sinai through the generations to us, here and now, as relevant today as she was 3300 years ago. What is Torah? How is it relevant to us today? What are some of our tribal legends around the transmission and lessons of the Torah?

April 12 – Devorah Zaslow on Storytelling