Maggid/Storytelling Shabbat Weekend

Friday, May 30th and Saturday, May 31st

Rabbi David and Devorah are hosting 15 people from around the country who are in their Maggid (storytelling and Torah) training program. To celebrate they will be hosting a Friday eve service on Aug. 30 with chants and stories. Sat morning service Rabbi Sue will read from Torah a special portion about fixing the world with clear visions of the future. Then Sat. night will be a celebration with a storytelling concert featuring Devorah, Reb David, Rivka Coburn and others. 

Friday evening begins at 5:30 pm with a Tot Shabbat, followed by vegetarian potluck dinner. Rabbi David and Devorah will be bringing fresh, wild salmon for the dinner. Everyone is invited to bring a veggie potluck dish to share. Shabbat Service will follow.

Shabbat Morning at 10 am, followed by potluck lunch
Saturday evening, 7:30 PM, Storytelling Concert