The Devotions of our Mothers with Maggidah Cyrise

The Devotions of our Mothers – Tkhines: 17th Century Prayers Written by and for Women
During the 16th and 17th Centuries new rituals and new genres of religious literature emerged.  

As the use of printing increased there came into circulation books of Jewish prayers written in Yiddish, primarily for and often by women.  These collections of prayers called Techinnot (devotions) are fascinating in their preservation of the daily lives and spiritual worlds of our female ancestors. They preserve folk magic, birthing blessings, and invoke the names and merit of the biblical matriarchs.  Come take a deep dive into what these prayers and devotions have to share with us. 
A 2 Week Class, Thursday May 5th and Thursday May 12th from 6-7pm. $8-$18 donation. Join the class by clicking “Register Now” below.

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