Feldmestn & Neshome Likht two-part Workshop with Maggidah Cyrise

Come learn and experience the old world practices of Feldmestn/Neshome Likht (Grave Measuring and Making Soul Candles.) Sunday September 11 at 11 AM and Sunday, September 18 at 11 AM. We will meet on Sept 11 in the Jewish Section, Tel Aviv, of Scenic Hills cemetery. On September 18 we’ll meet at the Havurah Synagogue. Scroll down for details.

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We’ll learn about the Ashkenazic practice of visiting the cemetery during the month of Elul to pray among the ancestors; We will “measure” the graves together with cotton twine as Maggidah Cyrise helps direct our participatory ritual with prayers to and for the ancestors.

On Sunday Sept 18 we’ll learn the ritual of cutting and blessing the wicks. The string we used to measure will become wick for rolling beeswax Neshome Likht or Soul Candles. Into the candles we seal our blessings and prayers for our loved ones, both living and ancestral, as we approach the new year.

These candles can be used during the High Holidays to illuminate our spaces of prayer. Remembering and reviving these practices offers a tikkun to our modern culture much in need of rituals encouraging our expressions of connection to our ancestors, and increases our ability to honor and be present with reverence to both life and death. Fee is $18 plus $5 materials fee, $23 per person.

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