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Adult Education

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Ongoing Classes – Drop-ins Welcome

Talmud. Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM. (Consult the Havurah calendar as the classes are not held each Wednesday)

Talmud is the heart of Jewish learning, and we are now in our fourth year of weekly Talmud study at the Havurah. Since 2008 we’ve been meeting every week to study the “system files” that are the basis of rabbinic Judaism. More important than the topic we study is the nature of the debates that take place in the Talmudic period. It truly teaches the student how to think. Come join us sometime. It is not “fun” learning like the Kabbalah can be, but it is really profound.

Torah. Tuesdays at Noon.

If Talmud is the heart of Jewish learning, then Torah is our soul. Each week we study the portion of the week. We are now in our twenty-first, going back to 1993 when Rabbi David started the weekly Torah class in his home under the direction of Rabbi Aryeh z”l. Since then the weekly class has inspired hundreds of members and guests. The current group of students make each week’s class joyous learning experience.

All classes are held at Havurah Shir Hadash 185 N. Mountain Av. in Ashland

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Explorations of Death & Dying with Rabbi David Zaslow

RDZWe all know that death is a natural part of life. We realize that each of us is on a trajectory toward the end of our own lives. Yet most of us have a natural aversion to contemplating the completion of our lives on this plane. This course will combine study, guided meditations, and creative writing under the guidance of Rabbi David. In addition, guest teachers and experts from within our community will join us from time to time to share their wisdom with us.

The texts we will use include Reb Zalman’s “From Age-ing to Sage-ing” and Simcha Raphael’s “Jewish Views of the Afterlife.” The guided meditations and creative writing will be taken from a unique curriculum that Reb David has developed from the CD “Graceful Passages.”

Join us as we examine Jewish views of heaven, the afterlife, and reincarnation. We’ll learn about the different levels of the soul and how to apply the wisdom from many spiritual traditions about death and dying to enhance and enrich our own lives today. Finally, some of us have been forced to deal with the impossible situation of unnatural or untimely deaths. Will learn about how Jewish tradition teaches us how to reconcile such tragedy with our faith in God.

Classes will be held monthly on Thursday evenings from 7:30 – 9 PM: 10/17, 11/14, 12/19, 2/20, 3/13, 4/24 & 5/22. The cost is $26 for Havurah members plus text fees, and $50 for nonmembers plus text fees. For more information on the course itself contact Rabbi David at shalomrav@aol.com. Pre-registration required by calling 541-488-7716. The Havurah is located at 185 N. Mountain Ave. in Ashland.