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Essential Judaism – Ten Paths to G-d



10 week Course on Jewish Identity and Values beginning October 25

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks developed this curriculum because he passionately cares about Jewish identity and the future of Judaism. If you are not familiar with Rabbi Sack’s teachings, you will be very pleasantly surprised. They are deep, meaningful and pertinent.

Rabbi David will begin this series with a teaching on October 25th on Jewish Identity. The following classes will focus on Prayer, Study, Mitzvot, Tzedaka, Chesed, Faith, Israel, Kiddush HaShem and Responsibility. Each class will begin with a short video by Rabbi Sacks on the topic that week, followed by thought provoking teachings by each of our teachers.

In the Spring our series will continue with a focus on the Jewish Year, following the calendar and the cycle of holidays, followed by a series on Jewish Life Cycle Events.