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Pirkei Avot with Rabbi Emanuel

ry other Thursday from 12 – 1:00 PM

Pirkei Avot is the teachings of our ancestors. It is considered to be a manual for ethical and moral behavior, as relevant today as it was at its inception, 1800 years ago.

Israel’s 75th Independence Day

On Tuesday, April 25 at 7 PM via Zoom the Havurah joins together with the Aquarian Minyan, Ruach HaMidbar and P’nai Or of Portland to celebrate Israel’s 75th Independence Day. Join Achi Ben Shalom, singer/songwriter/musical director in the SF Bay Area, Reb David, Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, Rabbi Emanuel Ben David,

Monthly Family Service with Reb David

Our Havurarh Wisdom Garden Hebrew School is off to a great start with two classes led by Jeanine Robbin and Cyrise Scachter. Each session begins with 30 minutes of joyous prayer and song by Reb David. Everyone with kids and grandkids are welcome to bring their kids to that 30 minute service whether their

Zot Hanukkah 2022

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On Sunday, December 25, 7:00 PM PST, join the Aquarian Minyan and Havurah Synagogue on Zoom for our 3rd annual musical celebration of the last night of Hannukah, known as Zot Hanukkah!

Achi Ben Shalom will share a gorgeous collection of Hanukkah songs, and will be joined by Reb David, Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, Ami Goodman and Devorah Zaslow.

Hanukkah Fest 2022

On Sunday, December 18 at 4:30 PM the Havurah Synagogue presents the annual Hanukkah Fest. Greenleaf Restaurant, a traditional Hanukkah treat, will be available for take-out purchase. The festivities include communal candle lighting led by Rabbi David. Doors open at 4:30 PM for Hanukkah shopping and

time to set up your menorah. The Candle lighting will being at 4;45 PM, followed by Hanukkah storytelling by Devorah Zaslow and a Hanukkah concert for the whole family by Cyrise Beatty Schachter and the Asiyah Trio. The fest is free and open to all. The Havurah Synagogue is located at 185 North Mountain Ave. in Ashland. Call 541-488-7716 for more info.

Compassion: The Key to Living in Challenging Times, an Interfaith Service

An interfaith service with Havurah Shir Hadash and One Heart-One Mind Center for Spiritual Living

December 3 at 10:30 am

Join Reb David and Rev. Michelle Ingalls, spiritual leader of One Heart-One Mind Center for Spiritual Living as they facilitate prayers, songs, readings, and teachings on finding our compassion in a divided and troubled world. Rev. Michelle says, “Recognizing that many people in the world are facing challenges, compassion calls us to empathize and at the same time hold the space open for what is possible.”

Leaders from both communities will bring their offerings on this theme. One-Heart One-Mind Center for Spiritual Living is a “new thought,” Science of Mind congregation located in Poway, California. Participants from the Havurah will include Ruchama Clarke, Rabbi David, and para-rabbinic spiritual leaders Ayala Zonnenschein and Cyrise Schachter. Reb David says, “This promises to be a very special service since our theologies and approach to God and making our world a better place are so closely aligned.”  The service will be offered on Zoom. Contact Ayala@ashlandhavurah.org for the Zoom link.