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Jewish Film Series

Jewish Film Series presents

The Prince of Egypt, the animated though very true to liturgy, story of Moses and Pharoah. Free. Sunday, March 5 at 3 PM.

“The animation is beautiful, and the writers wisely did not create the “cute” characters that plague too many animated films. This is a serious film that happens to be made in animation. The figures are beautifully drawn, and the computer-generated animation that powers miraculous events in this story does so in ways that convey the power and mystery of those events in the text. The handling of the death of the firstborns of Egypt is gentle enough for children to see: we see only the hand of a child who has dropped dead out of our sight, and then the body of the Pharaoh’s son. The handling of the other plagues is similarly restrained.” CLICK HERE to read more from Rabbi at the Movies.