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Shavuot Layl Tikkun

Sunday Evening May 16, 7:30 PM

Join Rabbi David and Rabbi Hannah Laner from P’nai Or of Portland as our two communities come together to celebrate the revelation of Torah at Mt. Sinai. What is the revelation you will personally be celebrating this year?

Come here our rabbis and leaders in both communities lead prayers, teachings, and songs for the evening. Join us on Zoom.

CLICK HERE to join on Zoom.

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Passcode: 261224

In the Zohar it is written, “The Holy One Blessed Be He, Israel, and Torah are one. Torah is light, halleluyah!” Since Torah is light, and we are one with Torah, that means that we too are light. Come join us for a shtickl revelation. 

7:30-8:45 Pnai Or and Havurah. Join Rabbi Hannah and Rabbi David with special teachings from Rabbi Sue, Sheryl Chomak, Cyrise, and Ayala to celebrate receiving Torah at Mt Sinai 3,300 years ago, Music from Reb David, Cyrise, Zahavi, Michael Sasnow. 
8:45 (approximate time) From Mount Sinai to Present – the Journey of Torah Through Time.with Rabbi Emanuel Ben-David
Torah was given to Am Israel and to the world about 3,500 years ago. How did it survive the journey in time?  We will explore that journey through the evolution of the translations to Torah (and the Bible as a whole).  Along the way, we will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of translations.