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The Soul and the Candle

Rabbi David Wolfe-Blank z”l

The soul is like a flame surrounded by multiple subtle fields. In a candle, the flame warms the wax which changes state from solid to oil. The Petila (Hebrew word for “wick”), draws the oil to the point of combustion, union, conflagration, passionate transultation. Davvenen or Tefilla (Hebrew word for prayer made with the same letters as the word for “wick”) also serves as a wick to draw you in. Once your frozen life-energies are warmed and liquified by a flame of loving warmth, our prayers serve as a channel to draw you towards the threshold of your vulnerability. Passing through this threshold, you combust, unite, conflagrate, and passionately transmute, resulting in your mind emptying and becoming consciously,
experientially, ONE with that with which you are already, mysteriously, united.

Note: from Rabbi David, “This wonderful teaching can be used as a kavannah (intention) for lighting Shabbat candles.”