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We Are Praying for Peace!

Our Prayer to the World:

Yavo shalom alaynu
Ode yavo shalom alaynu
Yavo shalom alaynu v’ahl kulam
Salaam alaynu v’ahl kol ha-olam,
Salam, salaam

Peace will come to us
Shalom/Saalam for us and the whole world

__Moshe Ben Ari of the Israeli music group Sheva

Reb Shlomo Carlebach gives us this teaching about Psalm 122:
“A prayer for peace: ‘Because of my brothers and sisters, not just me, but for the whole world, let there be peace!’ Do you know why there is no peace in ther world? Because the world is into force. First they force war on each other, now they want to force peace upon each other. But it doesn’t work. Peace by force isn’t peace. Peace is the most non-force in the world.”

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