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Who We Are

We are an extended family of Jews by birth and by choice, non-Jewish spouses and partners, and friends from many different spiritual paths who have been drawn to us.

We are:

  • A Spiritual Home and loving community that is dedicated to being a place of welcome, wholeness and inclusiveness, providing a sense of belonging and communal support where no one feels alone, where every person matters,
  • A Sanctuary of the Soul that makes Judaism relevant and where Torah comes alive
  • A House of Prayer and Oasis of Spirituality and Healing, where ritual rings true and services are engaging, empowering, innovative, participatory and infused with the presence of G-d
  • Sacred Space for celebrating Shabbat, the Holy Days, and the cycles of life
  • A Safe Place to come together to share our lives and tell our stories, to celebrate success and grieve loss
  • A House of Study where learning runs deep, fosters positive Jewish identities, and empowers us for lifelong Jewish living

What is our purpose as a community? Why are we here?

  • To provide a safe and sacred space for all people to discover the G-d spark within and in one another
  • To nourish the spiritual, educational and cultural needs of our members
  • To preserve and enhance the teachings and ethics of Judaism within the context of Jewish Renewal
  • To ensure the survival of the Jewish people
  • How do we fulfill this purpose? Empower our youth with Jewish teachings that are relevant to their lives so that they have the tools to make healthy life choices. This amazing season of Bar Bat Mitzvah rituals and celebrations is a testament to our success in that area.
  • To welcome the diverse families whose children attend the Waldorf-inspired Peace Garden Preschool and Kindergarten directed by Leah Avital.
  • Inspire seekers of spirituality and community with music-filled, heart-opening services
  • Host concerts, films and other cultural events
  • Provide a rich array of adult education opportunities, Shabbatons and workshops in order to make Judaism alive and real in a significant way
  • Educate the wider community by creating inspirational Interfaith Gatherings
  • Support our members through life’s challenging times and celebrate together the joyous moments