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A Teaching – From The Maggid of Mezrich

The Maggid of Mezrich taught, “Listen, I cannot tell you the ten cardinal rules governing the conduct of a person wishing
to serve his/her Creator. However, there are three things you can learn from a child and seven you can learn from a thief. From an infant learn how to laugh, how to cry and how to keep constantly busy. From the thief? First of all, whatever he does he does secretly. Two: that whatever he does not obtain today, he will try and obtain tomorrow. Three: he is loyal to his accomplices. Four: he is ready to sacrifice himself for the object of his desire, even though it may have no value to others. Five: once the desired object becomes his own, he loses interest. Six: he is not afraid of hardship. Seven: nothing on earth could make him change trades, in other words, he does not want to be anyone but himself.”