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Benefit Concert – Supporting the Parking Program for the Homeless – Saturday, April 13, 7-9:00 PM.

Gene Burnett will perform deep and playful songs, Daniel Jokelson will share his original folk music, followed by The ANAM Gaelic Choir! The ANAM Gaelic Choir was founded by Pat O’Scannell, director of MUSICA MATRIX.

The vocal ensemble present songs in Irish Gaelic learned by ear from director O’Scannell who has sung for over 30 years in the Irish language. The songs speak of rural Irish origins with herding songs, spinning songs, shearing songs, love songs and songs mourning the passing of life. The single line melodies are lyrical and poignant, with rich nuance of ornamentation and the subtle bending of tone and inflection giving it its identifiable sound. Tickets at the door: Suggested Donation of $20