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A Covenant Beyond Reason

by Rabbi David ZaslowSpring, 2002 In the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) there are three kinds of mitzvot (commandments from God). The first are called mishpatim or “judgments.” These are the logical, universal, moral commandments discovered by… Read More

Darkness and Light

by Rabbi David ZaslowDecember, 1999 In Isaiah 45:7 the prophet utters the words he hears from Hashem, “I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I, Hashem, make these….” Isaiah then continues with… Read More

A Jewish Renewal Approach to Prayer

by Rabbi David Zaslow How many of us are saddened that in our childhoods we learned the words to our Jewish prayers, but we rarely knew what we were saying? And today how many of us feel left… Read More