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The Book of Samuel with Rabbi Emanuel Ben David

A Class on the Books of Samuel: Religion, Politics, Longing for Order and More…

Every other Thursday, beginning July 20th, from 3:30 – 4:30 PM via Zoom

The Book of Samuel tells many seminal stories from ancient Israel’s political history, including the rise of the Davidic kingdom. We meet prophets and soldiers, and encounter some of the most dominant personalities of the Hebrew Bible. The class will start with a this five-part Video Course presented by Dr. Micah Goodman. He will take us on a journey through Samuel’s great narrative, from the rise of Saul to the fall of David. He will show how the Book of Samuel provides answers to some of humanity’s most enduring challenges and frames many of the religious and political dilemmas at the heart of civil society.

The five lectures are:

1. Lecture I: The Sins of Shiloh
2. Lecture II: The Uncertain King
3. Lecture III: Confronting Monarchy
4. Lecture IV: The Rise, Fall, and Return of David
5. Lecture V: David’s Sacrifice

After each of the lectures (~45 minutes each) we will have a conversation about what we learned. We then will continue studying the Books of Samuel in a thematic fashion, covering subjects of interest to the group. As an example, we will explore the relationship between Saul and David, or the relationship that David had with his own family.

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