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Oppressor and Oppressed

by Rabbi David Zaslow Rev. Martin Luther King used to teach that the liberation from racism was not just for Black Americans, but for white people as well. The religious leaders in the Civil Rights movement had the vision… Read More

Highway of Holiness

Sermon delivered to Trinity Episcopal Church by Rabbi David ZaslowSeptember 10, 2006 In one of your prophetic readings this week (Isaiah 35:4) the prophet Isaiah instructs us on how to walk on what he calls the Highway of… Read More

Israel’s Obligation to Arabs

by Rabbi David Zaslow and Rabbi Victor Gross Spring, 2009 As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel assures its citizens (Jewish and non-Jewish) the same rights and protection under the law. The question is not about… Read More

Why I Support AIPAC?

by Rabbi David Zaslow In the past year and a half I have approved of the insertion of a series of full-color brochures for our synagogue newsletter which are produced and paid for by AIPAC. AIPAC (the American… Read More

Moral Equivalency

by Rabbi David Zaslow I recently responded to an internet posting where a well known, peace activist, rabbi, and colleague of mine made a case for morally equivalency between the actions of Hamas and those of the Israeli… Read More

Comparative Proportionality

by Rabbi David Zaslow Recently I posted the following response to two esteemed colleagues of mine…teacher’s whose Torah insights I study and often quote. Yet, regarding the dangers of Islamic extremism to Jews, Christians, and to mainstream, peace-loving… Read More

Martin Luther King Day Invocation

Martin Luther King Day Invocation Delivered by Rabbi David Zaslow at South Medford High School Sunday, January 14. 2007 “Mee Kamokha b’ayleem Adonai.” This was the song that Moses sang to the children of Israel after they had… Read More

Faster Than You Can Say Jackie Robinson

by Rabbi David Zaslow, dedicated to Richard Seidman December, 2006 I was born December 23, 1947 in the midst of an historic snowstorm that immobilized New York City, and at the exact midpoint between three great events: when… Read More

Reflections on Hamas

by Rabbi David Zaslow Reprinted from Washington Jewish Week which printed this Op Ed on February 2, 2006 The Palestinian people have just elected officials with the level of consciousness of Torquemada in the 16th. century who no… Read More

Jacob’s Voice

by Rabbi David Zaslow Blind Isaac on his deathbed touches his son Jacob and says, “The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau.” Esau is the stronger brother, the hunter. Jacob,… Read More