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Peace: It’s Simple!

Rabbi David Zaslow The day the Palestinian leadership declares an end to terrorism…the day the Palestinian people demand an end to their corrupt government…the day the Palestinian people declares themselves to be pluralistic, egalitarian, and democratic – on… Read More

A Fullest Emptiness

by Rabbi David Zaslow Late morning, May 11, 2005, lower Manhattan. Rachel and Debbie are inside Century 21, shopping for deep discount designer clothing. I’m across the street standing in front of the World Trade Center, or what… Read More

In the Groove

by Rabbi David Zaslow From the earliest days of sound recordings people noticed something poetic about the way the needle stayed inside the groove as the record went round and round. In the 1930’s jazz musicians coined the… Read More

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

by Rabbi David Zaslow In 1990, a group of us brought Reb Zalman to Ashland to lead a Shabbaton (weekend retreat). Rabbi Aryeh had founded the Havurah just five years earlier in 1985. Looking back as our community… Read More

The Power of Doubt

by Rabbi David Zaslow Israel, 1990: Our Havurah tour group was boarding the bus to meet a renowned mystic in Tsfat who would reveal the hidden kabbalistic secrets of creation. Debbie, Judy, Claire, and Bill were staying behind… Read More

The Work of Autumn

by Rabbi David ZaslowOctober, 2004 The spiritual work of autumn is to examine our inner lives. Springtime is all about changing the world. From a Jewish spiritual viewpoint we’d be better off holding elections in spring rather than… Read More

Modes of Spiritual Practice

by Rabbi David ZaslowAugust, 2004 Their are three primary forms of spiritual practice, and every religion utilizes all three in various combinations during worship. Within each religion are denominations that emphasize one or two forms of practice over… Read More

Israell and the Rise of the “New” Anti-Semitism

by Rabbi David ZaslowJune, 2004 Someone recently said to me, “Everyone who criticizes Israel these days gets accused of being anti-Semitic.” I told him, “That’s not true. The most intense criticism of Israel can be found in Israel… Read More

“The Passion” A Preview

by Rabbi David ZaslowMarch, 2004 The paper known as Nostra Aetate issued by the Vatican in 1965 created a revolutionary shift in the attitude of the Church toward the Jewish people. Pope John XXIII wrote, “Forgive us the… Read More

Sermon at Trinity Episcopal Church

by Rabbi David Zaslow, March 28, 2004 שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם, Shalom Alekhem, peace be unto you. The major theme of the Jewish festival of Passover is liberation: we were slaves but the mighty hand and outstretched arm of the… Read More