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Talmud + with Rabbi Emanuel Ben David

New Class Offering: Talmud +

starting January 7, every Thursday at 12:00 Noon

co-sponsored by Temple Emek Shalom and Havurah Shir Hadash. 

In this class we will uncover gems in the broadest sense of Torah, that includes all parts of the Tanakh (Bible), as well as our oral Torah (Talmud, legends, Halakha and midrash). Each week we’ll try to acquire the tools that help us study our Jewish tradition with a focus on our yearly holiday cycle. Wherever possible, the original text in Hebrew will be presented, followed by the English translation. Each reading will be followed by a short discussion, to enhance the understanding of what we just read. The reference material that will be presented and used during the classes will be available here for you to download or review online at your convenience.

Roast of Aging!

Join Rabbi David and Devorah, Donna Zerner and David & Lisa Koch for a hilarious of comedy and song! Saturday, May 9 at 7:00 PM. Enjoy wine, cocktails and appetizers and lots of laughter! $85 per person. Register today! All proceeds support the Havurah Synagogue.

Wisdom Garden Hebrew School

 Wisdom Garden Program for 8-14 year olds 

The Havurah Synagogue’s Wisdom Garden program is opening on Saturday, September 29 at 12:30 PM.  The program provides a hands-on program for 8-10 year olds and pre-teen and teens. The focus of the curriculum is to give our children and teens the confidence to be the best they can be by helping make the world and the planet a better place.

The Roast

The Roast

Click here for Tribute Book.

On Sunday night, June 1, we roasted, toasted and honored our beloved Rabbi David Zaslow in celebration of his 20 years of leadership at Havurah Shir Hadash.

As Havurah members and friends arrived, the shock on their faces was, let’s say, remarkable! The Havurah was utterly, completely, unrecognizably transformed into a dramatic, elegant nightclub. Cocktails and champagne flowed, great food was served and the Paul Schmeling band warmed us with fine jazz.

IMG_5580ROur Rebbetzin, as the incomparable mistress of ceremonies, entertained and delighted, and the evening unfolded with a comedic lineup that had everyone roaring with laughter from start to finish. Friends and comedians par excellence regaled us with memories, true (and not-so-true) stories and lots of shtik about our favorite rabbi.

Hal Dresner set the tone for the evening. Lisa and David Koch roasted Reb David in three wickedly funny comedic skits complete with music and original lyrics. Paula Flowers and David Gabriel sang “This Rabbi Makes You Like the Jews” and had old friends and Havurahniks singing the chorus all together. Jan and Marcia Chaiken were hilarious as George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Jazz pianist Patty McCoy got a standing ovation for her beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Devorah and Ayala told the story of Reb Dovid of Zaslov trying to interpret an ancient teaching that turned out to be a recipe for kreplach. Bruce Morris and Maggidah Cassandra Sagan came all the way from P’nai Or in Portland to imitate Rabbi David leading a Bar Mitzvah. Ron Burgess got the County Sheriff (yes, the REAL County Sheriff) to come and pretend to arrest the Rabbi…for alleged prior offenses from his early days in Ashland!IMG_5532R2

Watching Rabbi David, who was seated on a high chair just to the right of the stage, doubling over in laughter until the tears ran down his face was priceless.

It was an enchanted evening that folks have been talking about ever since. Not only was it one of the most delightfully classy, side-busting events the Havurah has ever seen, but we also successfully met our financial goal to support Rabbi David’s position for this fiscal year. Our deepest thanks go to all of you who participated, from near and far, in this extraordinary tribute.

Congratulations to Reb David on his 20th anniversary with the Havurah! He has enriched our lives and our community immeasurably and we look forward to his continued outstanding leadership in the years to come.


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On Sunday night, June 1, we roasted, toasted and honored Rabbi Zaslow in celebration...

Israel Trip 2015

Join us for Havurah’s Spiritual Journey to Israel
May 26 – June 7, 2015 with Rabbi David Zaslowkotel

For the past 18 years Reb David has been dreaming and talking about being part of a Havurah trip to Israel. In 1991 Reb Aryeh z”l led our synagogue’s first trip to Israel, and it’s time for another. People have been asking Reb David for years to organize such trip, and we think this is a perfect time to do so. We’ll visit all our Jewish holy sites, and stay in excellent accommodations along the way. Our guide is not only an expert on Israel; the land, the history, the people…but he is also Reb Zalman’s nephew – connected to the heart of Jewish Renewal and totally in sync with our spiritual goals for the trip! He’ll lead us along the way as we connect with our ancient holy land.

Of course, we’ll meet with some of the great teachers in Israel that Reb David has been friends with for decades. We’ll walk, hike, and experience the magnificence of Israel’s natural wonders as well as visiting our holy cities from Jerusalem to Tzfat. The trip will be a total of two weeks.galalie

We are accepting registrations now. Click on the link below to see details of itinerary and pricing. Email us with any questions or concerns you may have at Ayala@ashlandhavurah.org

May 26 – June 7, 2015.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the Itinerary OR CLICK HERE to see the flyer.IsraelFlyer

Learn to Write Poetry with Rabbi David

Learn to Write Poetry with Rabbi David

Seven Sessions on Tuesdays: April 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2 & 9, 7-8:30 PM

Poetry make music out of words through rhythms that remind us of great jazz. It is painting with language where each word has its own hue and shade. Rabbi David Zaslow says, “The power of the metaphor is a portal to a higher reality.” Whether you are interested in sacred poetry or poetry to express your feelings, this course might be for you. Rabbi David Zaslow is the recipient of the 1988 American Book Award for educational materials. He travelled the nation and taught teachers how to teach poetry in their elementary and high school classrooms. Today, as a rabbi he combines his understanding of the rhythm and imagery with a tilt toward the sacred. If you have ever wanted to learn how to write your own poetry, this special seven session course that just might be for you.  Are you already a poet at heart but want to take your writing to an even deeper level? In each class participants will write and have the option of sharing in an intimate and safe space that Rabbi David creates.

Cost $85 for Havurah members, $155 for non-members

PRE-REGISTER by April 21 for a $15 discount!