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Israel Trip 2015

Join us for Havurah’s Spiritual Journey to Israel May 26 – June 7, 2015 with Rabbi David Zaslow For the past 18 years Reb David has been dreaming and talking about being part of a Havurah trip to… Read More

Breakthrough and Interiorization

by Rabbi David Zaslow In poetry, when an innovation in the use of metaphor or rhythm is first discovered, it is called the breakthrough. After a breakthrough there will others who will do the work of interiorization. For… Read More

Four Holidays, Four Levels of Consciousness

By Rabbi David Zaslow Each of the four holy days in our High Holiday season goes deeper and deeper, higher and higher into the hidden realms of the psyche. We begin with Rosh Hashanah, the new moon, and… Read More

Responding to the Death of A Mass Murderer

by Rabbi David Zaslow Last night President Obama reminded us that Osama Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader, but a mass murderer of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Of course, there is no “right” way to respond to… Read More

The Beginning of the Beginning

by Rabbi David Zaslow August, 2012 Judaism is not merely a religion, but a nature-based montage of spiritual practices we call mitzvot intended to elevate consciousness, and to help each of us to realize our own Divine essence,… Read More

Time is a Mystery

by Rabbi David Zaslow August, 2012 Time is a mystery. Time is precious. Time is a precious mystery.  The unusual word “anamnesis” describes memory as an actual recall of a past event. When I say “actual” I mean… Read More

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World…Again!

by Rabbi David Zaslow Beloved 85 year old Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca is an active Catholic. Last week he’s told by the reporter who wrote his biography that his mother was Jewish. I get called by the… Read More

Peak Experiences

by Rabbi David Zaslow Just as there are certain times in our lives when we have peak experiences, so there are certain times of the year when nature affords us the opportunity to have exalted spiritual experiences. In… Read More

Noah’s Ark

by Rabbi David Zaslow My friend and teacher Avraham Sand cites Tatiana Rona: “Do as Noah did and build an ark. An ‘ark’ in Hebrew is taiva – which means also a ‘word.’ Your ark shall be your… Read More

G-d, Boys, and Brooklyn

by Rabbi David Zaslow Good evening and welcome. I was born in 1947, and moved to Ashland to complete my graduate studies in 1970. When I first arrived here, at the height of the hippie movement, new friends… Read More